Virtual Reality programs for your facility

NomadVR provides an easy to implement and manage Virtual Reality (VR) program specifically tailored to the aged care setting.

The NomadVR platform enables a seamless integration of VR technology into facilities, providing all the means necessary to implement and manage a successful, engaging VR program.

Virtual Excursions

Our library of Virtual Excursions is regularly updated with new and exciting experiences that have all been specifically curated for the aged care market. All content is safe, engaging, and appropriate to the interests of older people.


Regular reporting is offered and enables sharing the success and amazing journeys that participants go on. Effortlessly create social media posts or stories for your newsletters with our reports.

Benefits we’ve seen for NomadVR in aged care facilities:

For residents:

  • Participants enjoy a sense of adventure

  • Enjoy a feeling of presence in new locations

  • Measurable mood increase

  • Exciting new experiences added regularly

  • Gets participants moving

  • Audio and visual stimulation

  • It’s exciting!

For staff:

  • Improved mood helps staff better manage residents

  • Based on the content chosen sessions can help calm and relax or liven and excite

  • Potential for improved mobility reduces work involved in relocating residents

  • Improved mood post-session, improves the mood of the whole facility

NomadVR is right for your clients


“The NomadVR staff are lovely and make you feel very welcome, they do a good job at making it easy to try out and the experiences are amazing too!”

Dorothy, Age: 101

Permanent aged care resident, proof that you’re never too old to explore.

  • Safe, accessible, highly engaging activity

  • Endless number of places for participants to explore and connect with, from tours of Australia’s beautiful national parks to memory evoking travel to participants home towns.

  • Participant profiles offering personalisation and viewing history


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