Curious about what we're doing? Come and hear our Co-founder talk.

On October 24th, co-founder of NomadVR, Jarrah Cohen will be presenting at an ACS hosted event in the new ACS Innovatio Hub.

In this presentation, Jarrah will talk about his experiences using VR to enable aged-care residents to explore the world, connect with their past and bring a sense of curiosity back into their lives. Learn the processes Jarrah went through to develop his innovative program and what the future will bring for VR in the aged-care sector. 

Jarrah’s presentation will be followed by an open Q&A discussion where audience members can ask anything about VR in aged care.

Who should attend:

•    VR professionals and students
•    People interested in innovations in the aged-care sector
•    People interested in non-gaming applications of VR

ACS event link: