Meet the team: Trent


Trent is one of the Co-Founders of NomadVR. Like Jarrah, Trent was fascinated by video game design growing up and also studied interactive game design with a focus on programming. Jarrah and Trent met for the first time while studying and they have been friends ever since. Trent worked in game development before moving towards more traditional software development roles.

After several years of working in promising tech startups, Jarrah brought up NomadVR and very quickly, Trent was sold. They spent months meeting in the evenings while Jarrah worked through the day testing NomadVR and Trent worked his day job. In mid 2018, Trent quit his job to join full-time as the other half of NomadVR.

Trent’s skills compliment Jarrah’s excellently which make them the perfect team. Trent has five years work experience in aged care along with almost all his family being involved in various roles within aged care. He loves technical work and loves building software though he tends to go against the usual software programmer ideal, enjoying any opportunities to talk to users & clients.

Curious about what we're doing? Come and hear our Co-founder talk.

On October 24th, co-founder of NomadVR, Jarrah Cohen will be presenting at an ACS hosted event in the new ACS Innovatio Hub.

In this presentation, Jarrah will talk about his experiences using VR to enable aged-care residents to explore the world, connect with their past and bring a sense of curiosity back into their lives. Learn the processes Jarrah went through to develop his innovative program and what the future will bring for VR in the aged-care sector. 

Jarrah’s presentation will be followed by an open Q&A discussion where audience members can ask anything about VR in aged care.

Who should attend:

•    VR professionals and students
•    People interested in innovations in the aged-care sector
•    People interested in non-gaming applications of VR

ACS event link:

Meet the team: Jarrah


Jarrah is one of the Co-Founders of NomadVR. As a child Jarrah was an avid fan of video game design. Keeping up his interest through school, Jarrah ended up studying professional game design. After graduating Jarrah’s grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and was shortly after admitted to an aged care facility where he was confined to a tiny beige room overlooking a car park.

Realising that the situation was not unique to his grandfather, Jarrah sought to address the problem however he could. Armed with knowledge of the benefits of VR tech and dismayed by the lack of utilisation in aged care Jarrah set to work on NomadVR.