Virtual Reality

Tailored for aged care providers


“Nomad VR is a creative way to use technology to improve the lives of our residents, allowing them to explore and feel through a unique experience.  It is all about living and not suffering with dementia.”

Jonathan Gavshon | Co-CEO


Wonderful to witness our Dementia Residents come alive with chuckles of amazement. The smiles on their faces could replace a thousand words. Beautiful experience for them.

Julie Briscoe | Nurse Manager

“As the Director of Nursing, I feel this experience has given our residents a completely new and different level of sensory experience utilising auditory and visual stimulation.”

Kristine Min | Director of Nursing


"Absolutely fantastic, I'm ecstatic!"

Freda, Age: 80

Permanent aged care resident, a weekly visitor to her facilities NomadVR sessions.


“ The most inspiring activity I have ever seen. Words cannot express the joy experienced with both the subject and the facilitators who have broadened my outlook immensely. Thank you”


Permanent aged care resident, now avid VR traveller.

“It's a wonderful world out there & only when you see it, you'll be flabbergasted!"

Hyacinth, Age: 87

Permanent aged care resident, after her first NomadVR session.

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